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What does a plasterer do?
Professional plasterers apply a finish to surfaces inside and outside buildings.  Plastering achieves a smooth, even face with a ‘single piece’ appearance.

Why hire a professional plasterer?
A good smooth plastering finish requires the right expertise.  You will get better plaster and a quality job from a plasterer with the acquired knowledge and skill.

What size jobs do you undertake
Our qualified team are able to complete both small repairs and maintenance work to residential and commercial properties along with larger projects involving developments and restoration.

Do you provide a free quoting service
Yes - No obligation quotes are provided free of charge.

What causes plaster to fail?
Most often, plaster fails due to moisture problems.  Alternatively, in walls and ceilings, a finish coat may become loose or deteriorate.

I am planning a new kitchen/bathroom/fitted bedroom etc. When should I have the plastering carried out?

It is crucial that we schedule the plastering around your installation so that the existing fittings (if any) can be removed and the plasterwork carried out while the room is empty. This ensures the best possible finish and eliminates the possibility of damage to your new installation. Contact one of our team on 07976 727 824.

Do I have to empty the room prior to plastering or can you work round my furniture?
It is imperative that rooms are completely clear prior to work commencing. This ensures a better finish and eliminates the risk of damage to your property.

How long do I have to wait before I can paint my new plaster?

In general, you should wait at least seven days or when the plaster has changed colour from a dark brown to a light pink.

Do I have to remove the wallpaper before the walls are plastered?

Yes, all paper should be removed to ensure a proper adhesion.


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